Instructions for Group Facilitators

While there is no rank or status among the brothers in the Body, we ask you to help care for your study group. Primarily, we ask you to be a pattern to the brothers in your group in the exercise of your spirit and in your preparation, speaking, and coordination. Please facilitate the fellowship each week after establishing a time and location for the session. During these times take care not to over-function or replace anyone's function but to usher the brothers into the fellowship and help them participate.

We also would like you to care for the administrative needs of your group. This includes taking attendance at each session and being available to the brothers in your group if they need to fellowship about permission to be excused from a study session. Please do your best to help the brothers physically attend each session, but if a brother is genuinely unable to attend physically, please try to arrange a way for him to attend via phone call or Skype. You will be required to track the attendance of your group members for each session, including both the monthly corporate gatherings (referred to as "plenary sessions") and the weekly study groups. If you have any questions or need to fellowship about any matter, please call David Hearne at 714-989-3110 or email him at


Each trainee is allowed:

  1. One (1) excused absence from a study session and
  2. One (1) excused absence from a corporate gathering (a.k.a "a plenary session") each term.

Permission for an excused absence must be obtained before the missed session, unless the absence is due to an emergency. An excused absence may be given only if the reason for needing to miss is legitimate; it should not be given just because the trainee prefers to do something else that week. Even if an absence is excused, the brother who missed the study session still needs to study the material. In the event of unforeseen emergencies, additional excused absences may be granted in fellowship.

For an unexcused absence, the brother must fellowship about why he missed and write a 500 word summary of the material that he missed. This is allowed only once per term. A second unexcused absence in a term is grounds for dismissal from the training.